I created a project using React Js that consumes endPoints for dynamic data (i don't have access to those endpoints). And it's been three days now i'm searching for a solution that can help me to manipulate pdf files inside my app. I have tried react-pdf, jsPdf, html2canvas then jsPdf, pdf2htmlEX then html2canvas then jsPdf, ...etc but all those methods are just ways to render pdf files or convert other file types to pdf type. What i'm need to do is to use a pdf file "as a model" and edit it according to the current data then generate the new one. I found this solution: pdfBox but it's a java tool which means that if i want to try/use it, i must create a java project that will communicate with my reactJs one. So my question is:

  • is there a way to do the stuff using just JS which, i think, is the best way.
  • if no, what is the best way to do it according to my situation without losing performances and without increasing the charges (i think creating new project with java will increase it).

Updated: After almost a month, and according to my situation, i choose to create a REST API PROJECT using spring boot then use the pdfBox. WHY: I find that creating/editing pdf files is a BUSINESS NEED THAT WILL BE USED IN MORE THAN ONE CLIENT (web, mobile, etc) which creates a need of one SERVICE that will offer the same services for more than one Client.

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