I generate about 250k 1360x1024 12 bit images per year. The images are really just 1360x1024x1 arrays, and each pixel is a 12 bit value. When saved as a csv, the images are 4.6MB.

Our default operating system is Windows, but I could build something on a Linux VM if required (but not preferred).

Is there an RDBMS that can efficiently store this data? I'm looking for something open source or for a way to do it in MS SQL Server, as this is a side project and I don't have budget.

The easiest way for me to deploy it would be through a data visualization software called Tibco Spotfire (because this infrastructure is already built). It's similar to Tableau.

  • I'm not sure I follow your storage calculations, as a CSV? If I calculate this I come at a 2 MB/image, i.e. 510 GB per year, uncompressed. – user416 Jan 29 '19 at 16:01
  • @JanDoggen Yes you're right, if i store it as a binary i get 2MB/image. Kinda new to this datatype so sorry for the ignorance. – CJ Stevens Jan 29 '19 at 19:21

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