My Android app takes a picture and tells the user what is in the picture.


  1. User takes a picture of a dog driving a car near the Eiffel Tower.
  2. My app says: "dog; car; eiffel tower".


  • Must not rely on a web service, because the app must be able to work without an Internet connection.
  • No need to "train" it, the library already includes the results of the training.
  • 100% open source (training data and training software do not have to be open source, but the final software including data resulting from the training must be open source)
  • The objects to recognize are objects frequently seen by humans (dog), types of landscapes (forest), famous places (Eiffel Tower).
  • Super-bonus if the keywords are Wikidata objects (dog → https://www.wikidata.org/wiki/Q144)
  • Bonus for providing a probability with each keyword (97% chances that this picture shows a dog)
  • Preferably the library should not be bigger than 3 MB, to not make the app a pain to download.

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