Been searching a lot on the net, a bit flustered..

I need some pointers on how to go about.

  1. Use usb port to connect both ios and adroid devices to windows > 8
  2. Should not require jail break or debug/devloper mode for ios/androids
  3. Windows service preferably run on .net, but open (perhaps reusable code on OsX)
  4. When device is connected, windows service (the service 'need to develop) will send a piece of information (< 500 bytes) and the app on the connected device (ios/android ph) will pick that up

That's it. I dont need any file transfer, media streaming etc.

some candidates I deeply explored

  1. libusb --> libusbdontnet ; requires dedicated drivers to pre-installed, bufore recognizes the devices
  2. usbmuxd --> libusbmuxd --> libmobiledevices : seems logical as apple natively has imobiledevices package that comes in itunes, but android side is really flaky; moreover, I didnt find any easy tutorial except this


Also precompiled packages would be great, but didnt find much.

Appreciate if any sme can shed some more light and pointers

a big thank you in advance. CG

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