For a project that searches textual files (mostly unstructured), I would like to use a library that can accomplish the following criteria:

  • Fast search of thousands to hundreds of thousands keywords, returning their start and end position
  • Limited search for regular expressions (potentially thousands in parallel) (It's hard to describe limited here, I'm mostly using repetitions, wildcards, optional characters)
  • Support for searching words

The search results are then processed again:

  • Arbitrary logical operations (AND, OR, NOT, combinations)
  • Distance checks (e.g. the two keywords are ANDed, but need to occur mostly N characters apart)

Optional, but would be really great:

  • Phonetic search
  • Resillience to typos

Also, I want to be able to associate certain actions with search hits.

C++ or Java would work for me. Open-source is a must.


The python re & regex libraries are very powerful for this sort of thing and can be combined with multiprocessing to parallelise the work.

Can I also suggest taking a look at Pythons Natural Language Toolkit nltk.

Not C++/Jave but definitely Open Source.

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    Maybe I should have been more precise: The documents themselves don't need to be processed in parallel, but the keyword search needs to be (eg. using Aho-Corasick instead of Knuth-Morris-Pratt). – a.ilchinger Jan 27 at 14:00

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