I'm looking for a (good) solution to solve the following problem:

  • provide users with a searchable map
  • search is constrained to street names
  • a statically known set of street names needs to be coloured in a specific way (e.g. some get a strong red, a soft red, a strong green, etc)

So the user's experience would be to search for e.g. his own street, and see which colour his and neighbouring streets have. A bit like your typical map hotspots functionality, but really focused on the street level.

A sketch of this idea:

enter image description here

Does anyone know any approach to get to this? Combine a dynamically searchable map with a pre-colouring of let's say 10k streets?

I'm happy with any good approach, doesn't matter how complex (offline rendering, dynamic colouring, ...). I looked around for possible solutions, but anything I found was focused on either providing a static image, or colouring just one specific street using e.g. a directions API.

Thanks for any input!

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