I need to deliver a mobile app with three requirements:

  1. users can view a website in full screen mode
  2. users have to receive push notifications depending on assigned user rights
  3. app has to be downloadable from app/play store with our name and logo

Users, user rights and messages are defined in three tables that are located on a webserver, where I can login using phpmyadmin to moderate those tables. We want to send messages to users whenever new content is posted in a category they have rights assigned to.

This seems like a simple app, which is in essence a web browser with an additional layer for the notifications, which requires a link with our tables.

I am new to ios/android app development so maybe I am wrong in my assumption, but perhaps this is something I can do myself within one month, with help of some tutorials which are plentily available online; as I am not completely new to development and open to this possibility. i have experience with html, javascript, php, vba

I also find that there are many commercial products which allow you to easily construct an app by use of for example building blocks, but there is offered so much that I cannot clearly see if any is suitable to our needs.

I have three questions, can anybody:

  1. confirm if this app is indeed not so complex, and for me creatable within one month, starting from scratch in terms of app development experience
  2. advise me, if possible, any product is available which offers this service,
  3. lastly advise if this is something I should just hire an expert for.


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