Before I code something cheap & cheerful (see below for how to do it), I will find out if there is not an existing (and more elegant) version of the wheel which I propose to (re)invent.

I am developing software for an embedded device with no display. It does have WiFI and I want to use this to get debug messages out of the device and visible on my laptop.

Must have:

  • an Ajax API, taking at a minimum a single GET parameter, so that my embedded code can, for instance issue a request to

  • a web page which will display received trace log messages.

That's it for the "must have"s - simple, huh?

Nice to have:

  • gratis

  • different trace levels, e.g Error/Warning/Info which will be visually different on the web page

  • the ability to filter only certain trace levels

  • timestamps

  • sort by severity or timestamp, in either direction

  • fancy dumping of data structures, not just a line of text

  • some form of security (not really necessary, if I only trace within my LAN)

  • anything else in the way of bells & whistles

The quick & dirty way to implement it is to have a single AJAX interface (PHP would be my choice, but feel free to use Node.Js or whatever you want, if CGI can handle it).

The AJAX takes a single text line as parameter and appends it, with timestamp, to a plain text file.

Rather than using PHP to display it, I would just use WinTail or similar, which constantly shows the last X (user defined) lines of a text file (normally a log file, which is continually growing).

That would get it done, but I'd rather find an existing implementation & concentrate on developing my embedded code.

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