I have a Java web application (runs with Tomcat), that I would like to understand. I have also the source codes. It has a service () function, that is called when an URL is entered in the browser and handles HTTP requests. It's the entry point of the webapp. This function uses a lot of other functions / classes.

At the moment I alredy evaluated VisualVM and JProfiler.

I alredy realized the following with JProfiler: If I enter an URL, I can see all the functions, that were invoked directly or indirectly by service ().

Is there a tool (VisualVM, JProfiler or any other) that can achieve the followings ?

  1. Display function parameters: If I click a function, I would like to see what parameters (primitive or object type) the function was called with or was returned by it. It would be also nice to see the attributes/variables of the object. (It's possible to create a Heap dump to show all the objects, but I didn't found a way, to show the objects used or returned by the function.)

  2. Replay execution: If I have the objects used by a function, I would like to call this function again with this data.

Setting breakpoints is not so good, because it had to be set a lot of. It could also happen, that a function is called but there wasn't any break point. I already output log messages, but it's also not the ideal solution.

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