When I search for freeware I find crippleware (software that half its basic features have been removed and provided only in the paid version).

When I search for open source I find pseudo-open ones, or online (who wants to share his/her personal/business tasks with some random obscure company?)

Min requirements:

  1. Open source, or freeware.
  2. Full version (no 'pro' features, no optional paid version).
  3. Standalone, downloadable (offline).
  4. No adware.
  5. Not a Google or Microsoft product. The smaller the publisher, the better.
  6. Not a webpage-less program like 'PIM Xtreme'.
  7. No registration requirement.
  8. Non java based.
  9. Notification/reminder alarm for each task.
  10. Daily repeatable tasks.
  11. Daily task view and editor.
  12. Half-our time resolution or better
  13. Different color set for each task.
  14. Runs on Windows 7.

Is there any particular reason why you have these requirements? Have you tried the default calendar app that comes with your smartphone if you have one?

I'm not sure if you're going to find any products that meet all requirements, unless you're willing to make some compromises. Have you checked SourceForge for calendar products or Mozilla Lightning?

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