I just came to know that Github has now allowed private repository for free for developers. I am building a web application for which I need a database to connect. As I will be working on different devices throughout a day so I am looking for a database service which is just like Github, i.e.

  • Allow me to have a private database connection & repository
  • Allow me to connect, running queries on database server unlimited times or some big finite number. (as I will be developing an application)
  • No cost involved (I am fine to get restricted when daily/weekly/monthly limit is reached)

Database size can not a concern for me as it is just for development, even 100 MB would be enough.

Though, I am looking for RDBMS but I am fine with DBMS as well.


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You can get a free-tier instance on a cloud provider like Heroku, and there you could install a Docker container with any RDBMS you like.

On Google Cloud Platform you can use FireBase which is a powerful key-value store. No operating system configuration required. You can use Firebase for free (until some thresholds are exceeded).

I think there are even more options, but I don't want to recommend any particular companies here.

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