I've problem with a game server that is being crashed by someone. The game is called Primal Carnage: Extinction, the game's developer quitted. There are still players in-game. I'd like to run the server to play for fun. In the game server's log, there are like over 200 times about connect spam to crash the server. A "crasher" guy keeps changing his IP address and crash constantly. I'm looking for a software, that could prevent people connect spam. I'm using Windows 10 Pro, I might host the server on 24/7 server and software will be Windows 2019 Standard

Example: if player connects to the server for over 5 times and ignore this player with IP address. (Prevent player for connect rapidly 5 times in 10 seconds)

Player connect ==> Software (Port: 7777; Query: 27015), ignore if connect spam is told over 5 times, and ban for about 10 minutes or more. ==> Server (Port: 7776; Query: 27014) Or whatever like that.

I can't find it out in Google which software is good for that.

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