Our company has a website running on WordPress. My boss asked me if it's possible to make a chat application on the website.

Our work hours are from 8 am to 5 pm. After work hours we sometimes get a lot of phone calls with questions.

My boss wants to have a chatapp on the website. When a visitor asks a question in the chatapp outside of business hours, the people inside a specific whatsapp group(including me and my boss) gets a whatsapp message containing the content the visitor typed in.

Are there any SDKs/plugins/etc out there to accomplish this?

  • Is "a chat app" equivalent to "Whatsapp" – or would you be open to alternatives? Especially consider that all WA traffic goes via FB. From a standpoint of privacy (think of GDPR), especially as a company I'd definitely chose something different. If I as customer knew you route communications that way, I'd rather avoid that (or even switch to a different company). – Izzy Jan 18 at 19:49
  • My boss explicitly asked for whatsapp, I've been looking for equivalents. Telegram seems like a good alternative. Hope I can convince my boss. – hoek rand Jan 21 at 15:56

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