Sry if it is a wrong place, but i need help about starting to learn making video games, because it's my big wish. So, i need some advices what should i start c++ or c#, unreal or unity. Honestly, unreal is a way better for me, but a lot of people saying me that c++ is also a way harder then c#, you should use c# first etc. Now, just give me some advices, your experience maybe, do i need some requirements, because i'm ready to learn, and need right thing. And i have some experience in web development, but that doesn't matter here.


Games are in 2 parts the game content and the engine. The engine handles all the hard work of physics and graphics.

If you use a game engine like unity you can spend most of your time building your game, and not construction under the hood. In which case your going to need more 3D modelling skills than programming.

Even if you do build your own engine, which I don't recommend as its years worth of effort.

Even then you still need the 3d models, 1000's of them. Cups, tables, chairs, guns, and etc all require modelling.

Find a game engine, and then find out what language it was written in, and that is the language you will need to learn.

Although I don't have an experience writing games, I play them all the time, and know how they work generally speaking.

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