Is there some software that allows to open an URL on a remote device, including both mobile and desktop as both target and source device? I am looking specifically for these criterions:

  1. The URL must be pushed to a specific device.
  2. The URL must open on the target device without user interaction and/or provide some sort of notification about new URLs once that device is next used.
  3. It must not be necessary to keep the tab open on the source device.

Additional desirable features include:

  1. Allows opening the URL in other browsers than Safari on iOS
  2. Allows end-to-end encryption

Pushbullet: Comes close, has issues, may be under-supported.

While writing the question, I realized that Pushbullet fulfills most of the requirements and for many who find this question it will probably be enough. Sadly, it falls short for me:

  • Major issue(s)

    1. The pushbullet Chrome extension treats all PCs as a single device. So when I push a free-time link to PC, it pops up on my work laptop too (and vice versa). The desktop-app doesn't work on Windows 10, so the suggested workaround is not applicable.

      Their explanation ("Chrome prevents identifying separate devices") is doesn't speak well of the extension either, as the comments clearly point out that it is easily solved – which they even have reacted to, giving another bad explanation.

  • Secondary issues

    1. On iOS, links are always opened in Safari. There is no "copy to clipboard" or "select other browser" option.
    2. On iOS, end-to-end encryption isn't supported. Curiously, and very questionably, it still works without warning when interacting with Android or desktop devices, that have end-to-end encryption enabled.

I have originally posted this in Q&A format, as I thought that Pushbullet fulfills my requirement already – until I returned to my work PC and found that I couldn't configure it as a separate device (issue 1). While useful, the ability to specifically send free-time links to my home-device and work links to my work device is a big criterion for me, which isn't fulfilled.

On /r/pushbullet, I have also seen some concerns about whether it is being actively developed at this point, or just having the servers paid for.

Regardless, so far it still leaves Pushbullet as the only viable solution for me, though the issues with multiple PCs and iOS hurt.

Join: Not on iOS.

For android-only users, there is Join. An iOS version is being worked on, though it seems to be a single-developer effort; It is therefore unclear, when or even if it will be released for iOS.

Airdroid: No link sharing on iOS.

AirDroid is no on iOS. But only on Android does it have a share-menu entry that allows quickly pushing a link to other devices – on iOS and PC the link has to be transferred manually by copy&paste into a messenger-like interface; On the target device, it doesn't automate opening the link in the local browser. Overall, pushing links doesn't seem to be a focus of the service.

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