We are developing a MEAN stack application that includes discretionary access control for business/domain objects, much like a file or content management system does. Users must be able to give other users access (read/edit) to a hierarchy of workspaces, folders, and items. Permissions must be inherited down the hierarchy until changed. The software we need must be able to secure tens of thousands of domain objects as well. I've run across Keycloak and Node-ACL so far.

Can anyone suggest a product or framework for managing discretionary access control / ACLs for domain objects?

  • Welcome to Software Recommendations! Please note this site is not about "Is X a good fit for A" – but rather "What X does meet my requirements so I can accomplish A". As your question in its original form unfortunately would be off-topic here, I took the freedom to adjust it slightly. Could you please edit it again and include your price margin? – Izzy Jan 17 at 23:00

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