Is there any tool that can take two folders (with sub folders) and merge them to create a single latest master copy by picking the latest versions of files from the two input folders?

I am trying to avoid any manual intervention as there are lots of files - would be ideal if i can input the preferences and let the tool do the work.

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You could use the zip command line tool. Put your "before" directory structure into a zipfile, then run zip again, with the -u flag (" -u update: only changed or new files") .

If filenames are subtly different, or if the directory structures differ, then you have a larger problem which can probably only be solved with custom programming/scripting.


I would recommend using the excellent and free (even for commercial use) Double Commnader.

Load one directory in the left pane and one in the right. Click Ctrl+A (or keypad +) to select all in the source directory and press F5 to copy.

When it encounters a file with the same name, it will prompt you and you should select "overwrite all older".

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