Which OS do you recommend for a software developer used to work with .Net, Python, Java?


  • End Of Line not before 2021;
  • Easy access to development tools for .Net Core, Java, Python, Lua;
  • Standard internet package of e-mail reader and browser;
  • No telemetry;
  • Access to common messengers such as Skype;
  • Remote access capability;
  • Home media use to watch movies (different containers such as MKV and MP4 with different encodings, specially with subtitles);
  • Easy to use sound devices such as a common pair of speakers and a USB headset;
  • A file management tool such as Total Commander, Midnight Commander or similar;
  • Possibility to compress/decompress files with different formats (zip, jar, arj, uc2);
  • Compatible with Intel 3970k processor;
  • Compatible with SSDs;
  • Compatible with GeForce common graphic cards (no need to support top-of-line cards);


  • Windows 7 not a solution because it approaches its end-of-life support on 2020.
  • Windows 10 not a solution because telemetry, forced updates and botched updates.

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