I'm in the early stages of building a mobile app (starting with Android and then IOS). Upon opening the app I want user filters to be able to query real time into the remote database and load current state data. I want to use a SQL DB. I can't find anything for entirely free. And I'm not talking about very much data, maybe 500-1000 rows (~10 columns) across a couple tables. I do not have the knowledge or equipment to host my own server.

(Amazon RDS is only free for first 12 months)

  • The SQL database must be remote, right? Not stored locally on the mobile device? – Nicolas Raoul Jan 15 at 3:28
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    "I want to use a SQL DB. I can't find anything for entirely free" - what's wrong with SQLite, on the device itself? You can also use it on your server, as you can MySQL and its fork MariaDB.Did you look at any of those? – Mawg Jan 15 at 14:10
  • Another good choice is Firebird DB, though the Android version is still considered beta firebirdsql.org/en/firebird-3-0 . It is very easy to install and maintain, and a minimal installation can consume less than 10 MB. – DrMoishe Pippik Jan 20 at 21:16

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