I have implemented an EventSource (ES) client in c++ that adheres to the w3c specification, i.e. this client can connect to a server that uses Server-Sent Events (SSE) to do one-way communication with the client.

I also locally run a very simple Golang server on localhost to do my testing. I'm using a hand-rolled testing framework to write test cases, but I'm writing all test cases myself and I'm not nearly confident that I'm fully conforming to the standard spec for ES, or that the implementation would pass a standard set of test cases.

What I would like is a test suite or other facility that already has test cases I could integrate or test against with my implementation to determine if all is well, and to help with code coverage since certain cases are edge-cases and tough to write a case for in my current suite.

Also, something open source would be preferred as I'm not looking to pay for this if at all possible. Thanks ahead of time for the input, let me know if clarifications are needed.

EDIT: I realized i didn't really ask a question. Does anyone know of a test suite or something comparable that has a standard set of test cases for what I described above?

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