Is there a good method to classify words (strings) from the History of a mapped Set-List - as a learning algorithm? The Goal is that the algorithm set the right attribute (from a selected excel sheet) to the right classification.

As an example: typical I have 5 classification like A, B, C, D And in the history, I got this data information’s. ‘A’ got words like: number, id_number, customer_number. (A,number); (A,id_number); (A,customer_number) ‘B’: name, product_name, product. (B,name); (B,product_name)… and so on... I read a bit of AI, ML, ANN - but for sure I am new in these subjects. Where should I start? Maybe something like this - K-Nearest Neighbour or natural language processing, CNN, RNN?

I hope you guys can give me some advices.

Thanks :)

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