I am in search for a solution that might allow me to receive SMSs on a virtual device through an API service.

I want to send the SMS from a specific phone number using Postman (or other API tool) and receive it on a virtual device (I would prefer Browserstack, but anything else will do), also with a specific phone number.

In Postman I am using a POST call that has the "To:" and "From:" parameters defined in the request body. And it works with real device with SIM in it. I would like to automatize this and use virtual devices.


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You don't mention if you are looking for something free or paid.

Twilio allows you to send SMSes with their API and

it seems that you are able to receive SMSes as an HTTP response.

When I had a look for a project of mine their pricing wasn't that bad.

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    It doesn't really matter if it's free or not. I used Twilio too, but I am familiar with Postman and it's also free :). The only problem is that I cannot trigger the SMS on virtual devices, like device farms. Browserstack does not offer this option, I was wondering if maybe you guys know others that might. Couldn't find anything so far.
    – sueheck
    Jan 15, 2019 at 11:05

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