I can't put the different scenario throughout the timeline(X-ais). I mean the different scenario(different color in timeline chart) can not be repeated in different period of time for each machine(Y-axis).

I have tired so many time to make this timeline chart by using Microsoft control but the result which I could get was showed in 1st pic.

Actually I want to make the timeline chart as in a 2nd picture. The information which I want to show in timeline chart are as the following;

  1. X-axis : show the timeline throughout the day
  2. Y-axis : show different machine in the factory
  3. Different color in chart: show different scenario in the production line or the status of each machine includes; run, Alam, wait and off. that can be changed throughout a day.

Could you please guide me how to make the timeline chart for each machine which will show 4 different scenario throughout the day. I mean each scenario can be happen again throughout the time for each machine and should I have to buy any program or product from somewhere else in order to make it done.

                                                                this is 1st picture.

enter image description here

So I need to see something like the following.

                                                                 this is 2nd picture.

enter image description here

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