I am trying to create an application that essentially "trades" SMS for wifi. What I mean is, I want to be able to do things such as order an uber, or recieve a wikipedia page without having access to wifi. I am looking into Twilio and it looks like it make be able to do this. Just wondering if this is even possible, and if so what technologies would be needed

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You're not just looking at replacing WiFi (which is your local network), you're also swapping out your internet connectivity for the SMS.

In theory, yes, you could do this, assuming that you had a listener on the other end which would then translate the contents of the SMS text messages, into appropriate payloads, and then push that data (which it would also have to sort) to the appropriate Endpoint (API endpoint or Webservice would both work).

Then you'd have to listen to the apps\services you were attempting to connect with, receive the data, translate it back to whatever short form you've got, then push it back across as ANOTHER SMS text message, to your end user device, and then translate it in the local application.

So, yes, it's doable from an engineering perspective... But, is it worth it?

  • possibly not worth it I agree, but I kind of want to try it just for the fun. The part I am not sure about is what would be "listening on the other end"? Is that something I would use twilio for, or is there an easier solution? – Iza Jan 14 at 5:39

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