I'm looking for a software (possibly free) or a Windows/Unix shell script capable of merging partials of a series of PDF pages each containing an image. In particular, my EDA software is capable of exporting solder mask images into PDF with an exact 100% scale, but it does so one layer at a time, meaning each page contains just one single image. As I need to print those onto transparent paper I wish to combine multiple pages into one, so to speed up the print process. Right now I have to set the image position in a corner, then:

  1. print the first page
  2. take the printed transparent sheet from the tray and feed it back in rotating 180 degrees (so that a different corner is used)
  3. print the second page
  4. rinse and repeat

I usually end up with plenty of unused space on those expensive transparent sheets, but at least that's halving the costs...

What I wish to do is, for each page, mark a rectangular area that will be picked and have all those selections combined into one or two pages, but without any scaling, as that will completely ruin the result.

I've tried many manual approaches, including opening the PDF into Inkscape, moving the parts around and print from there, but I'm apparently unable to communicate to Inkscape no scaling should occur when printing (either directly on paper or toward PDF virtual printer).

Does a solution exist or must I develop a custom piece of software to do that?

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