For my job I need to transfer copies of operating system virtual machines(VM) to about 20 PCs over a wired network connection. Each VM is in a .zip archive but still takes up a large amount of data. I need to put the files into a specific file path location on each PC and delete the file I had added in the prior transfer.

Currently we achieve this by making every computer open to the local network then accessing them each through Windows file explorer, going to the file path, deleting the old files, and replacing them with the new ones – though this has proven less reliable than preferred and takes longer than we can afford. So if anyone could recommend something other than a torrent software (those are against workplace policy) then I would really appreciate it!

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    Do you need it for a local network? What's your OS and payment needs? – onurcano Jan 12 at 16:30
  • Without knowing what OS the software should run on, and how much it may cost, your question is hard to answer (if at all). – Izzy Jan 12 at 18:17

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