Is saxonica pretty much the default for xslt 3?

looking at:




My preference would be open source, but Java friendly is required. (by which I mean, it has to run on the JVM and easily hooked into from Java.)

I ask because wikipedia doesn't seem to list anything else which runs xslt 3:

See also

libxml2/Libxslt (competitor)
Xalan (competitor)


Neither of which, to my understanding, work with xslt 3.

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    libxml and Xalan do not support XSLT 2.0 or 3.0. There are three implementations of XSLT 3.0: Saxon, Altova, and Exselt. Exselt runs on the Microsoft .NET platform. Altova has a Java API but does not actually run on the JVM. Saxon is the only one of the three that is native Java. – Michael Kay Jan 12 at 17:17
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    The OP is essentially asking for confirmation that there's only XSLT engine that fits the bill (supports XSLT 3 and runs on Java) and that is indeed the case. If there were several, then I agree we wouldn't be able to advise on which to choose. – Michael Kay Jan 12 at 19:03