My problem : is that I want to run an i386 or x86 environment on the aarch64 environment. Is this possible? Especially as there are programs that do this, for example ExaGear Windows Emulator, which provides an i386 environment on RPi 2 & 3 that works with ARM64 processor.

Note: I'm working on an Android phone but I just want the way because the Android section is slow to answer or never answer... 😁

What I tried and did not work with me : I have tried running x86 environment through QEMU but it is very slow in simulators and it does not help me anything and I also ran Windows 10 arm on the phone because it has an x86 emulator inside it for Windows applications but it freezes immediately after pressing any switches to complete the boot or install (I think it needs UEFI And GPT storage space is not available on the phone of course) and also I can not convert applications from x86 architecture to aarch64 because i do not know the programming nor have source code for programs because it is closed source

Required : What I want is to install Wine on a 32 bit environment Or a way to run windows 10 arm on the phone (know it's difficult simulations or even impossible) Or a way to convert applications to aarch64, but it should be noted that I do not know how to program and also do not own the application code and also do not have a computer to do that Or Linux environment for x86 architecture running very fast on QEMU on the aarch64 processors ...

These images run Windows 10 arm on my phone

enter image description here

Here the system freezes

enter image description here

Thanks ...

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