I have a need to programatically generate status tweets along with a graphical picture in embedded linux using command line. I want to invoke the client using system() (C library) call and pass the tweet text and image filename in the common line string.

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Recently, I created a Java SE version of my Android app EmailTweetor, which can be launched from command-line.

To tweet a message

java -jar EmailTweetor.jar tweet hello.txt


echo "Hello" | java -jar EmailTweetor.jar tweet

To tweet with an image:

java -jar EmailTweetor.jar tweet hello.txt image.jpg

EmailTweetor for Desktop

The computer where the command is launched will need to have OpenJDK or Oracle Java v1.8 or later. The JAR also needs a one-time authorization with Twitter.


Having a look at twidge.

twidge is a client for microblogging sites such as Twitter and Identica (identi.ca). Microblogging sites let you post short one-paragraph updates, follow the updates that your friends post, and interact with everyone in the site in a conversation style.

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