I typically use "BitLocker to Go" but for encrypting and protecting my flash drives. However, that means I can't use them with my Macs, at least not without a 3rd-party program (which isn't free and is less than ideal).

I was reading about LaCie Public Private, but it has since been end-of-life'd. Does anyone know of an encryption solution that:
- Works for both Windows & Mac (and ideally Linux as well)
- Is "client-less" meaning that it stores any obligatory software (such as the .EXE needed to decrypt the drive) on the drive itself, albeit in a separate partition? This is extremely important since the software manufacturer could stop supporting it at anytime.

  • This question only mentions Windows (and older versions at that), but some of the suggestions in the answers are cross-platform or available for multiple platforms. – John Y Jan 11 at 22:07

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