Consider this word ميشلين, the correct way to write it in english, is michelline more or less.

Using Buckwalter from CLTK , I get


Using ISO233-2 from that same library, I get


I'm looking for a library that:

  • transliterates using only the English alphabet A to Z, no accents or symbols
  • Gets the basics right, like ش is always either ch or sh, if I stumble upon exceptions, I fix them.
  • Ignores letters that are rarely used in Arabic, such as X and Y, the library should always use I instead of Y for example, again if there are exceptions I fix them.

I could implement my own algorithm but I'm looking for existing ones because I don't want to reinvent the wheel, plus if I it has a Python package, it might come with a decent dictionary which would be a plus.

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