we need to design web and mobile app solution for a client. the requirements are following Application with offline capabilities, that will sync with cloud when you reconnect to the internet, but the database should be accessible while offline. Sync button is a must, client will be visiting some locations that don’t have internet access, and will require most recent data

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  • handle it in code. use sqlite or similar on the device, sync it with online service via REST or SOAP, etc. – ivanivan 2 days ago

Try Akeeba Backup.

From their site (Akeeba Solo):

One click backup That's all it takes to create a full site backup. The archive includes your database, files and the restoration script.

You can choose whether to backup only database or only files using pro version.

I believe you won't come across critical problems if you set permissions of all "cache" and "tmp" folders to 777.

The backup files can be automatically downloaded easily I guess. Hope this helps.

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