I am a big fan of py-spy. This tool can show the stacktrace of a running python process.

Now I am searching for an alternative to the command-line tool "top" which allows me to call py-spy for a selected process easily. In the use case I call it top++

Use case:

  1. I get a notification that something is wrong with server "foo"
  2. I execute "ssh root@foo"
  3. I call top++
  4. I see a strange python process
  5. I select the python process inside the top++ tool
  6. I hint a special key
  7. top++ calls py-spy --pid NNNN
  8. I can see what the python interpreter is doing, scratch my head and find a solution.

Additional features:

  • open source
  • I need it for linux.

The tool py-spy is only an example. Other tools should be callable, too. For example hunter.

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