In one sentence: I am looking for a solution to structurally present loads of data from different sources to different customers.

Structurally present means: I don't need a one-page-report containing some graphs and tables. I need to provide a website-structure with different areas, that are connected.

Loads of data means: We produce around 1 GByte of data per day, compressed it is around 0,25 GByte (mainly working with MongoDB here). Data will be refreshed every hour and needs to be transformed in different ways. So I also need ETL-functionality to implement calculations or structural changes.

Different sources means: The same as above. I need to set up an ETL-process and I need an interim dataware-house / data-lake that holds transformed data.

Different customers means: I need a decent tennant-management. At least I want to define different roles. it would be perfect if I have groups and hierarchies, too.

There are two no-gos: Although I am willing to pay for it, 10k per month or similar is definitly to much. The software needs to run in my own servers. Windows-based Software is a no go.

What I already tried:

  • KnowageBI does not have an ETL module, and it is not clear, what ETL module I could use, but this is the first tool that actually allows me to build a website-like structure, so it's the best candidate for now

  • ReportServer/BIRT does not come with an own data warehouse and it's more a one-page-reporting solution

  • JasperSoft does not come with an own data warehouse, it does not properly run on Windows 10 (makes it hard to test) and it does not support RESTful services, adding it as a plugin is not possible, neither to the Studio nor the Tomcat-Package, also pushing anything from the studio to the reporting server is not possible, this tool already cost hours of work and the only outcome is blank nerves

  • Looker/Redash looks awesome but definitly comes without a data warehouse and it looks like it is not the correct way to build a website-like structure, same for Redash, so even using Fivetran or any other 3rd-party-tool maybe wouldn't help

  • DundasBI comes for Windows only, it's a no-go, though it looks great

  • Qlik - no offense, but the webpage offers a couple of tools and dozens of buzzwords, it's almost impossible to get hard facts or even figure out, what tool would be the one I need cheers, and apparently it does not run on my own premise

  • Tableau/Sisense - too expensive

If I have to summarize it, I would say I need an interface Google Analytics offers. But for my own.

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