I am on Ubuntu unity 16.04, I am looking for:

  • Free Linux terminal that supports RTL
  • Not KDE based
  • Works in ZSH because bicoin does not
  • Huge bonus if it can be integrated in VScode, in fact the reason I want the terminal in the first place is because I am working on an RTL related project in VScode. As far as I know, konsole cannot do that
  • I will accept your answer if you offer a VScode plugin that fixes the RTL issue in the VScode terminal, rather than a standalone terminal

The problem is not just RTL, the characters are showing but messed up, I'm working with Arabic, I have utf-8 enabled in, it is a terminal emulator program, all works well in Konsole but I don't want it since it's KDE and also doesn't integrate with VScode.

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My friend told me today about mlterm, available in all Linux distros repos. As for VS code, one can't change the default one. You can set it as an external terminal and open it with ctrl + shift + c

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