Important: just because it is a 64-bit .EXE does not mean that it supports 64 bit integer values (I'm looking at you, Excel). If you don't understand what 64 bit precision is, please don't just Google & suggest something.

I am looking for a gratis spreadsheet which will:

  • run on Windows
  • support true 64 bit integer values (with no floating point involved)
  • support charting of those values
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    by 64 bit values, do you mean 64 bit FP or 64 bit integers? According to this libreOffice uses 64 bit FP for its number storage system – Gordon Jan 10 at 13:29
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    Sorry, I meant 64 bit integers (FP is the spawn of Beelzebub). I have updated the question (and upvoted your comment). – Mawg Jan 10 at 13:45
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    Thanks! Appreciate it. Agree floating point is from the evil one! – Gordon Jan 10 at 18:39

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