Introduction: I still am a VB6 master programmer. I can get my computer to do almost anything with VB6. Even though I have not touched a VB6 IDE for the past 8 years, I can code right now, if I need to.

The Problem: Windows 10 DOES NOT SUPPORT VB6 - and VB6 is no longer a thing.

What I Need Done: I need to write a program that will read a source file (text, CSV, DB, etc) that contains a bunch of data that will be used to rename 5000+ target files.

Example: CSV file contains the line "123456,This Filename". The program reads this line, stores it, looks for the "This Filename.exe" in a target directory, renames it to "12345 This Filename.exe" and executes all the lines in the CSV until EOF.

My Question: Could someone please suggest a programming language I can learn quickly (something similar to VB6 and its capabilities) that works in Windows 10?

Thank you!

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    Sorry language recommendations are off-topic here. I would suggest Python or C# though. – Nicolas Raoul Jan 10 at 1:39
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    A programming language requires "software" to be installed: IDE's, compilers, etc. and besides, this is the site "auto-recommended" by the system when I tried searching for similar topics over at Stack Overflow before posting it. It made sense to me so I posted it. If I had known that there's a specific site to ask for "programming language" recommendations, I would have posted it there. Thank you for your suggestions; many have pointed Python out. – wimle Jan 10 at 1:48
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    I guess Stack Overflow guessed with the "recommendation" word in the title. Here is where the community decided to make such questions off-topic, by the way: softwarerecs.meta.stackexchange.com/questions/36/… If you do CSV processing and similar thing then Python is indeed the best choice for you I think. But if you want to do GUIs then maybe C#. – Nicolas Raoul Jan 10 at 2:42
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    Well, I disagree with the community's decision and I can think of so many reasons why but I think I'll use my time to learn Python instead. Thanks again, Nicolas. – wimle Jan 10 at 3:09
  • Yup, Python. You'll love it (once you get used to the indentation grr). Easy to learn, very powerful, with lots of great libraries. Hint: use x = inputFile.read() to read the whole CSV file into a string, then lines = x.split('\n') and for line in lines: to loop over, using line.split(',') to get the number & the file name from each line. – Mawg Jan 10 at 11:35