I'm looking for an application that is able to process the (semantic) content of a text and provides an easier-to-read output. I'm imagining an app that takes Text (e.g., in PDF format) and provides a pdf as output, where all suggestively rather unimportant words (e.g., and, or, with, in, over, out, etc.) are visualized having a different color than for example words, that carry more semantic information (often nouns or adjectives). That may even depend in the topic.

Is there any software out there, that provides such an optimized output that facilicates reading significantly?

Any recommendations or suggestions are welcome.

Since in my studies I have to read lots of text, I assume I could definitely benefit from such a powerful tool, as other could do also!

Edit: I don't want to use a tool like typical Speed-Reading Extensions, which exist for e.g., Chrome. I always want to be able to have an overview of the whole text that is to be read. Therefore, tools that show single words with a high WPM number are not sufficient.

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