Im a newbie and I have problem with learn UI/UX. Now, I want to learn Java web but I have little knowleage about java swing. Im wondering about learn java swing first or starting learning java web with html/css immediately.

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  • This kind of question is off-topic here. This site is not for advice on software development strategy. By the way, for Swing-style development of web apps with Java, see Vaadin.com. No need to learn HTML/CAS/JavaScript/DOM/AJAX/WebSocket. – Basil Bourque Jan 8 at 23:58
  • Off topic, but the answer is 100% YES (Google is your friend) – Mawg Jan 9 at 8:52
  • The most low-level, bare-bones Java API for server-side web programming is the Java Servlets API, v1 released in 1996. Don't learn it; this is just background information. – knb Jan 9 at 9:51

I didn't even use Swing when I did local GUI apps in Java - used JavaFX instead. So no, you can pretty much ignore Swing and do Java Server Pages (JSP), or a Java back end that creates a REST service and consume it with AngularJS or vuejs etc.

Or for pure web programming, skip Java completely and learn PHP. There are so many things that can be done for web programming in PHP with one function call that take 20 lines of Java and 3 extra jar file libraries.

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