I apologize in advance if I'm not using the correct terminology.

I'm looking for some sort of library (or open-source project to use as base) to develop a graphic designer application for Windows.

The software I'm developing must be something like Paint (without the drawing part) however instead of simply drawing in a canvas, it needs to have the ability to edit every component added. For example, if the user picks the Text Tool, you can add text to the canvas and later on, if he want, drag it around, edit the font, color, text size, etc.

This is needed because later all theses components need to be converted into a printing language.

What I've found so far are open-sourced CAD projects which I think are too advanced for something simple. For now all I is the ability for text, lines and images.

Or putting it in another way, some sort of WYSIWYG area but without the ability to enter text freely, only via textbox components.

PS: it can be free or a paid library.

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