Noted that the Windows Explorer in Windows 8, 8.1, 10 are able to open zip files and treat them like normal files and folders.

So, was wondering if there is a better than Windows Explorer that fulfill most of the requirements below:

  • gratis
  • portable (do not need to install. can just put into thumb-drive and use from there)
  • at least support Windows 7 operating system and onward.
  • not just open zip file. can also open rar files, 7z files, and many popular compression file format.
  • treat all compressed file as normal files and folders
  • allow editing of files inside the compressed file and save instantaneous. (e.g. open a text file and edit and click save, just like editing a normal file)
  • allow open of PDF files inside the compressed file directly without extracting. (Important)
  • allow open of multimedia files inside the compressed file (such as movie or music or picture that is in the compressed file) without the need to extract. (Important)
  • compression rate must be at least 1% or more
  • GUI interface is more preferable.

This question is different from that question - Archive file format / viewer that works like ordinary folders as that question mention 0% compression rate, which this question is not.

This question is also different from another question - Application that shows rar-archives as normal files as that question is still not answer and the question does not describe more in depth.

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