I'm currently developing a tool to generate graphical output based on input:

  1. a reusable template to be used, which consists of: graphical template, descriptor containing also definition input attributes (values/objects),
  2. a JSON object with input values containing values.

And, this limits reusability of a template, as input attributes structure must match input JSON data structure.

Expected functionality

I want to add another (optional) input to generator:

  1. declaration of input JSON object transformation into a new JSON object with new structure, which is then used for output generation.


Given there are:

  • multiple templates with different input data structure,
  • multiple instance data sources with different object structure,
  • many-to-many "relationship" (output generation) between those templates and instance data sources.

The solution wouldn't require to duplicate each template and create variants for each data-source. Or, to create some custom solution to transform input instance JSON data before it is passed into the generation tool.

Wished / expected characteristics of library

  1. lightweight (I want banana, not a jungle),
  2. safe, ie. not a scripting language, which can access any Java object, but only given context,
  3. transformation definition (syntax) to be simple, and like more mathematical / declarative, instead of imperative.

Of course, I don't expect a perfect existing solution, but the best possible library for the use-case.

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