I want to delete all words, which are not English, from the text file.

I have done some research about the topic on google and have found a python tool which is named pyenchant for this task. I have tested some English words on pyenchant but unfortunately, it does not function it supposed to do. It cannot recognize some English words such as "codependence".

>>> import enchant
>>> d = enchant.Dict("en_US")
>>> d.check("codependence")

I am wondering that is there any tool to delete non-english words from a text file. Any advice will be appreciated. Thanks.

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This is not really an answer; it's just that it's too big to be a comment.


Python bindings for the Enchant spellchecker. ... Enchant is used to check the spelling of words and suggest corrections for words that are miss-spelled. It can use many popular spellchecking packages to perform this task, including ispell, aspell and MySpell.

First step - did you try other spell checkers, or other English dictionaries for the same spell checker?

Second: Googling for pyenchant alternative gives this Reddit page, which says

Here's another option that looks superior, however: https://github.com/blatinier/pyhunspell

Although I am unsure , as Pyenchant is simply a wrapper around Enchant, which is still being maintained, and Pyecnahnt as it stands does not seem to be the problem - the dictionary does. It would still be worthwhile to give this a try, though.

See also pyenchant is unmaintained: path forward? which recommends PyHunShell


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