Does anyone happen to know of a very good droid budgeting app that allows its users to create sub-sub-categories or even go deeper than that? The only app that does this is Efics, but I am afraid that, having such a little userbase, they will just drop support and updates altogether, at some point. I've been using Money Lover for three years now, but the fact that you can't further subcategorize your transactions is a major downside for me. I've downloaded at least 30 budget apps and none have this seemingly easy-to-implement feature.

TL;DR: I'd need a budgeting app to allow for sub-categories up to four levels, at least.

  1. Category.

1.1. Sub-Category

1.1.1. Sub-Sub-Category Sub-Sub-Sub-Category

  1. Category.



I just want an app similar to Money Lover, but with the possibility of adding up to, at least, four levels of sub-categories. I'll take whichever is the best one.

I did check the apps listed in the link mentioned in Izzy's comment and:

  • A lot are outdated and I really need something which is still supported and it will still be going to be supported
  • Something pleasant to the eye (ex: Money Keeper from Misa, Money Lover, Wallet from BudgetBakers, Mobilis Budget)
  • Up to four levels of subcategories, as mentioned in my post.

That's it. I honestly don't understand why this isn't a default feature in most of these popular apps.

LATER UPDATE Price limit? As in to buy the app? Well, I don't know, it doesn't really matter. Preferably free with an option to upgrade to premium or with in-app ads, but I'm willing to buy it if such an app exists. Just tell me which apps has this feature and I'll just decide on one.

Another update (7.01)

Reply to user1202136: GnuCash is also outdated. It hasn't been updated since summer. I really need something that receives continuous updates. Otherwise I would still be using Efics.

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    So what's your price margin? While waiting for answers, be welcome to check with my corresponding app listing: Budget Planer – Izzy Jan 6 '19 at 13:42
  • Thanks for the update. But again, what's your price limit? :) – Izzy Jan 6 '19 at 22:11
  • Have you tried GnuCash? – user1202136 Jan 7 '19 at 5:32

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