I'm building an application for a Raspberry Pi where CPU and RAM will be very tight.

With Angular (cur version 7), most of the CRUD apps talk about a static server for the Angular pieces, and an API server (usually in Node) that uses a separate port.

When this goes production, that implies I've got to have two web servers running (or at least two ports with separate apps).

The data portion of this app is fairly simple, just basic device setup, email addresses to text when alerts happen, and the like. Basically, we just need to POST some data back to the web server. As we wouldn't ever be using a CDN (Content Delivery Network) for static files (as Angular seems to assume), there's no need to split up the API, deal with CORS and all the rest of that.

Is there a simple "Angular way" to combine the server side processing in the same code, and have it split out during the production process like REACT does?

I'm not looking for commercial tools.

I guess I could run a separate Node.js 'server' during development, then change to the same port 80 as the front end static client side code is served up from.

Anyone have a better idea?

== John ==

P.S. I almost asked a "Angular VS. React" question for embedded, but that would get into the politics of the project and a developer that didn't bother to read the coding standards or roadmap, which would open a can of worms :)

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