I need to develop a nonprofessional API for the purpose of consuming data from some sites with information on pricing of Real Estate Funds, business numbers, quantity of quotaholders, and other information to arrive at a critical analysis about good investment funds and using the Python language for this development.

Searching, I found two frameworks that could solve the problem, but for not working directly with API's professionally, I do not know if I would have a better tool than the ones I found at the moment:

  • Flask and Flask-Restless
  • Django Rest Framework

On these two possibilities listed above - or other suggestions, I would like a recommendation to those who have already worked / work with something related to one that would be advisable to start an (less complex) amateur project - since I am starting in this process of developing an API?

PS.: I thought about using crawlers, but I do not think that would be a very efficient way to solve the problem, given the amount of information I want to have stored for queries.

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    Welcome to Software Recommendations! Explanation for my edit: We recommend software here, not technologies. Your two examples are frameworks, so it should fit. Still, for good answers you might wish to add some more details: what those frameworks should achive (what features they must cover etc). Not sure if the details you already provided are sufficient, as that's not really my area of expertise. – Izzy Jan 5 at 20:36

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