Is there an open source c-level language that uses s-expressions (not exactly a c clone but with some low-level parts like pointers, static types and manual memory management) written in a lisp or itself that compiles to native code (or the llvm)?

I saw Red/System from Red and was wondering if anyone had done the same thing for Common lisp or Scheme?

I know of Dale, Hylas, and BitC (which seems to be dead) but they seem to be written in C++.

I was wondering if there already was anything similar written in a lisp (CL, Scheme or Clojure). Game Oriented assembly lisp (G.O.A.L) is the closest I have heard of but it is proprietary and "in-house" at Naughty Dog/Sony. So I don't know much about it.

Note: The reason I am asking that it be open source and written in lisp is because I would like to study/hack it as well as use it.

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