So, I've built a custom website format that is built with HTML/SCSS/JS templates -- basically I have stripped-down templates for different types of sections/pages. The templates will be continuously updated and growing in number.

What I'd like to do is to be able to have hired developers be able to install a custom and up-to-date Wordpress installation with my WP configuration, theme-installation (Roots/Sage), and code templates in-tact. This process will need to be as quick and simple as possible.

I'm just getting into this phase and making plans for the right local development solution. Currently, I'm using Ampps WAMP stack and having trouble with what should be a simple WP installation cloning process.

My question is, what would you experienced developers recommend to build, maintain, distribute a boilerplate installation like this to make my company more scalable. Would container technology like Docker be used for this application? Would Git/Github be good for versioning the system? Looking for a solid path to follow.

I appreciate you reading this!



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