I'd like to convert DJVU file format to PDF format while retaining bookmarks from the DJVU file.

I tried many softwarwes and websites but no one seems to retain bookmarks (but some retains OCR layer).

Website which I tried:

I read some old questions on StackExchange but the solutions I found necessitate to play with some scipts.

So I tried this solution but to no avail:

Converting djvu to pdf AND preserving table of contents , how is it possible?

I ask myself if since then there is a software that do the job ?

I'm working on Windows 10.

I'm ready to pay for a regular conversion software whose prices vary between 29$ and 129$ on the internet.


  • It would help if you included the OS the software should run on, and what your price margin is. Also, what was the software that failed (before it gets named in an answer)? My first idea was Calibre – but I've never played with DJVU, so I cannot really tell. – Izzy Jan 3 at 22:50

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