I’m looking for a task manager that nicely handles “relative recurring tasks“. Those are regular tasks that need to be done a certain amount of time after their last occurence was completed.

An example for this feature was given in a task warrior issue:

One real-life example is: go get a haircut every 5 weeks. If for some reason I can't go on the designated weekend (recurring happens on Friday), I'm forced to go on the next weekend, that is, I can't go on Sunday nor anytime until the next Friday. So for some reason this task was done 6 weeks after the previous time, but I still want to be reminded that the next time is 5 weeks later from that point, not just 4.

The most promising candidate at the moment is task-relative-recur which is however only a hack to achieve this with task warrior.

I was wondering if there is any task manager that has this as a first class feature.

Further constraints for my search are:

  • web based (including SaaS) or running natively on Linux.
  • Minimalistic: Primarily I want to just throw tasks at it, I don’t want time tracking, project management, … if it is possible to only use the time tracking part of a larger software package that’s still OK.

Lower priority features:

  • Multi-user
  • Android app

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